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Workaround for Sign Off/On with SIP Phones



With the current IP Telephony (IPT) system, users are not able to perform the regular sign on and sign off process when they are supplied with SIP phones (Cisco phones models like 504 & 510)


These phones are provided only to offices where user mobility is NOT an option. However, when the user leave the office they need to identify other callers they are not available. The traditional way was by pressing (enabling) the DnD function (Do Not Disturb) which cause the line to response to any incoming call with busy tone. It seems recently this is causing a misunderstanding for many of the callers, and therefore we published this work around.


This workaround simulate the signed out response on regular IPT sets:


1.  Press "cfwd" button (usually third from left)


2.  Enter the extension number 3391


3.  Press "dial" button (usually first from left)


This will set the extension to forward to the same message as if the user is signed off.


To revert (cancel the forwarding) simply press "-cfwd" button (usually third from left)

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