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Notes to Users Newly Migrated to Office 365


Congratulations that your account has been moved to Rayat 365 Cloud Services (R3CS), we hope you will enjoy the major changes.

If you're reading this, it basiclaly means your old account is no longer usable to login to email services. And you're no longer be able to access email web interface through old URLs ( and (

From now on, instead you should be using ( which will provide you access to all Rayat 365 Cloud Services (R3CS portal).

We've copied the last 24 hours emails from your old mailbox to reduce the risk of data loss, so you may find few items duplicated.

If you were using Exchange server and/or Lync messenger, you may notice one or more of the following:

·        When MS outlook start up, it will ask for username and password, this is normal as the mailbox is no longer within our network

·        When MS Outlook asks for the username and password, please make sure to enter username in the format (replace user with your login account). The password is still the same as your current one

·        MS Outlook (under Windows) will show a message saying your administrator applied changes to your mailbox that requires Outlook restart. Wait for a minute and then close Outlook, wait for few minutes and start it again

In the Outlook, the updating will take some time, but within 5~15 minutes you should notice the limit of your mailbox has been updated to be over 24GB. That means you’re connected to Rayat 365 Cloud services

·        Once the Outlook is functioning without issues you’ll need to update your ActiveSync clients (MAC, iPad/iPod/iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, etc.)

To do so, please follow these steps:

1.      Create new ActiveSync account, type your

2.      Once prompted, make sure to enter the username again as mentioned in step 1

3.      Enter the server name as

4.      Accept the remote control policy

5.      To prevent duplicates, you may delete the old ActiveSync account from your device

On some cases (very rare, and only during the setup) your account may return authentication error. If you’re sure about your username and password, please re-enter your username in this format (\

·        Currently we are working to fix the GAL and Offline Address Book issues as they are NOT sync’d with on-premises Exchange server. So you may need to depend on your own address book (Contacts folder) for a while


Please check your online profile and let us know if there is any missing/incorrect information so we can update/correct it.

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