Manual Users Mailbox to Office365

How to start create and migrate a new user mailbox on AD to Office365


  1. Create a new user on AD server or if already exist start from step (2).
  2. Create a new mailbox on Exchange mail server ( with standard alias, or with the same alias of the IMAP mail account if existed.
  3. Check Custom attributes of the new mailbox should be Number 1: Value [RG].
  4. Add the new mailbox ( in the email address settings if not exist.
  5. Wait the syncing progress within 3 hours or make it force.
  6. Start exchange migration progress to office365 online from Exchange admin center->Office365.
  7. Go to Office365 admin center ( and add the exchange plan to user mailbox without Exchange mail plan.
  8. Open Cpanel X site ( and add forwarder with the following alias:
    Then reset the mailbox password and set generate password.
  9. Go again to Office365 admin center ( and add the exchange mail plan to user mailbox.
  10. Start using the exchange email account from website:
    Then define the new mailbox in outlook for the user as the first article (Notes to users newly migrated to office 365).
    Then make the old mailbox (PST file) as archive folder and stop send/receive for old mailbox.